Help to children of L’Ouémé-Plateau (Bénin)

Association – Siret identification  : 79288515400015

President: M. Isidore FABI
7 bis rue de la Coque, 95410 Groslay, France

Born in a small village located in the bush in Bénin, the most important wish of Isidore Fabi has always been to create an association to help out the poorest kids, girls and boys, to get an access to education.

The association’s goal is to promote a whole action emphasizing human as well as economic progress in the area of l’Ouémé-Plateau, particularly by building an elementary school, a rural health facility enabling the local population to educate itself to hygiene and health measures.

The association made one of its first wishes come true: eight classrooms and a library have been built. In 2014, two new classrooms were built. Today 350 students are enrolled.
The association is also involved in taking care of the infrastructures to make the learning environment the most convenient possible.

Every year, the association participates in equipping the school and give out school supplies and textbooks.
One of the association’s future goal is to build a sport field that will be used by students as well as young people from the village. Another goal is to create a technical school to train informatic engineers.

BÉNIN (map) :

carte du Bénin