Small village of 697 habitants, Zimon is located 32 kilometers from the administrative capital city Porto-Novo, and 60 kilometers from Cotonou the economic capital city. It is part of the 10 villages composing one of the six districts of the city of Sakété.

plan de Ziman

Under the reign of the king Otchoukpa, founder of the city of Sakété, the kingdom’s administration was fully held by the royal court. However, under the reign of the king Agbola (1897-1905) the royal supremacy decreased.

The colonial penetration in the kingdom happened at the end of the 19th century.
The French administration added the king “chief of the district” in its administrative system, in order to control him better.

Economy of the city of Sakété :

The city of Sakété is a vast area of agriculture and breeding. It is part of the area of l’Ouémé-Plateau well known as the granaries of Bénin. Available resources include:

  • arable and fertile land,
  • raw materials,
  • unexploited ground,
  • favorable rainfall.


Like most of the villages around, Zimon’s population is mostly rural and lives off agricultural activities. It also has the specificity to be made up of 40% of people aged under 15. It therefore explains the importance of school education.


In January 2007, we have created an association under the law of July 1st 1901, named “Aide aux enfants de l’Ouémé-Plateau (Bénin)”. It has offices in France and in Bénin.

Goals and Achievements

This association’s goal is to promote a whole action emphasizing human as well as economic progress in the area of l’Ouémé-Plateau, particularly by building an elementary school, a rural health facility enabling the local population to educate itself to hygiene and health measures
It does so by following:

– the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789)
– the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)
– the International Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)

Thanks to a gift from Zimon’s habitants of a 59,527 m2 field, the association has realized one of its first goal: building an eight classrooms and a library. Right now, the building of two extra classrooms is taking place.

These facilities have enabled the school to accommodate more students. In 2007, 280 students were attending the elementary school. The association also does its best to take care of the buildings to make education the easiest possible.

Every year, the association participates in equipping the school, give out school supplies, textbooks, clothing for the most needy families, etc.